How do you characterize iCell DopaNeurons?

iCell® DopaNeurons are human midbrain dopaminergic neurons developed through floor-plate cells that demonstrate classical midbrain and dopaminergic neuron marker profiles and functional characteristics. The iCell DopaNeurons are characterized as 95% pure for MAP2/FoxA2/Lmx2 (midbrain identity) and 80% TH positive (dopaminergic). The population supports bipolar and multi-polar neurite outgrowths that begin sprouting within the first 24 hours and require 48 hours to adhere. We have seen evoked and spontaneous action potentials on manual patch via NMDA, AMPA, HCN, and high basal electrophysiological activity on MEA.

For more information about common molecular markers used to identify iCell DopaNeurons, see Solution 00000215A.


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