Cell Accessory Products

With nine decades of experience developing and manufacturing high quality products as a comprehensive laboratory reagent manufacturer,  FUJIFILM Wako Pure Chemical focuses on the needs of forefront fields of academic research, pharmaceutical product development and medical care. In addition to general laboratory chemicals, Wako provides reagents for immunology and pathology research, genetic engineering and biochemistry, and recently, Wako has launched new and unique tools for neuroscience and exosome research. FUJIFILM Wako Laboratory Chemicals strives to provide new and unique laboratory reagents for your life’s research.

Life Science Tools from Fujifilm

Through partnership between FUJIFILM Life Sciences companies, these products are available through FUJIFILM’s Discovery Research and distributed worldwide.

Alzheimer’s Disease Research Products

See the full range of antibodies and ELISA kits from Fujifilm to detect and quantify Amyloid-β and Tau, both proteins implicated in Alzheimer's disease progression. Their monoclonal antibodies have been qualified for a range of detection methods including Western blot, ICC/IHC, immunoprecipitation, and ELISA.


Microglia Marker Iba-1 Antibody Series

Explore a wide selection of species reactivity, highly cited and reviewed Iba1 antibodies from Fujifilm to assess Iba1 protein expression in microglia and macrophage. Fujifilm offers a wide range of Iba1 antibodies compatible with Western blotting and immunohistochemistry.

MEA Assessment of Neuroactive Molecules Products

Modulate the network activity or measure neurotoxicity of electrically active neuronal cell cultures using compounds from Fujifilm. See the range of high-purity neuroactive compounds.

Exosome and miRNA Research Tools

Use advanced purification technology and a variety of reagents from Fujifilm to isolate and analyze exosomes and miRNA. See their range of exosome and miRNA purification kits, and wide range of antibodies compatible with a broad range of detection and purification methods.

Transfection Tools and Proteomic Research

Meeting your next-generation needs through continued excellence in technology and quality using novel liposomal transfection reagents and precast gels. See reagents for siRNA and mRNA transfection and precast electrophoresis gels for separating phosphorylated and non-phosphorylated peptides and proteins.

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