14th European Functional Drug Screening Symposium

Thanks to the FDSS community, this annual meeting provides the opportunity to discover new applications and innovative uses of the FDSS with thought leaders from academia, biotech and pharmaceutical industry.

Podium Presentation

Dr. Udo Kraushaar of NMI, Germany will showcase iCell® Neuronal products in his presentation titled:  Bringing human neuronal biology to HTS: Functional Drug Screening with iCell GlutaNeurons and Astocyte on the Hamamatsu FDSS/µCELL

Poster Presentations

Calcium Handling Assays with human  iPS Cell- derived cardiomyoctes for In Vitro Disease Modeling and Phenotypic Screening on the Hamamatsu FDSS/uCell
Salvagiotto, G. et al.

Phenotypic Analysis of Human iPSC-derived Dopaminergic Neurons for Parkinson's Disease Modeling
Salvagiotto, G.  et al.


Start: 2018-06-07

End: 2018-06-07

Website: https://www.hamamatsu-news.de/events/fdss/um2018/routing.php

Organizer: Hamamatsu

Venue: Novartis Campus
Fabrikstrasse 2
Basel, 4056 Switzerland