ELRIG 2017: Advances in Cell Based Screening

The key scientific challenge in drug discovery concerns our ability to translate preclinical data into efficacy and safety measures in man. To address this issue, the scientific community is currently working to adopt native cell systems with improved physiological relevance in higher throughput formats. Application of primary and stem cell derived cellular models is expected to significantly improve our ability to explore complex biological pathways. Thus, new cellular screening assays using native cells grown under physiologically relevant conditions that preserve the natural biology of drug targets and their innate regulation by pan-targets, have the potential to revolutionize drug discovery.

During this 2-day conference, researchers from top academic and industrial laboratories will discuss the latest advances in cellular screening platforms and how native cells can be paired with modern molecular biology techniques, such as Precise Genome Editing, to bring together the best from both the target-based and phenotypic drug discovery worlds. Presentations will showcase the exciting advances in high content imaging and phenotypic screening and how these technologies can lead to the successful identification of early hits, optimization of lead candidates and advancement of new therapeutics using more relevant cell models throughout the discovery process.


Start: 2017-05-10

End: 2017-05-11

Website: https://elrig.org/portfolio/advances-in-cell-based-screening-2017-elrigcbs17/

Organizer: ELRIG

Venue: AstraZeneca AB
Pepparedsleden 1
Mölndal, 431 50 Sweden

Event Details:

Event Date: 2017-05-10 To 2017-05-11

Organiser: ELRIG

Website: https://elrig.org/portfolio/advances-in-cell-based-screening-2017-elrigcbs17/

Venue: AstraZeneca AB Pepparedsleden 1 Mölndal, 431 50 Sweden