ELRIG New Trends in Early Drug Discovery

This year's main topic of the forum is "New Innovative Trends in Early Drug Discovery and Sample Management." The increasing automation in laboratories and the increasing individualization of automated processes allows the integration of increasingly complex cell culture and analysis techniques Such as 3D cell culture or the incorporation of high-throughput MALDI-ToF into screening processes are examples that will be presented in Forum 2018. Also, new discoveries, such as the CRISPR technology, are already being used in screening for drugs.


Start: 2018-03-08

End: 2018-03-08

Website: https://www.elrig.de/index.php/elrig-foren/elrig-forum-2018

Organizer: ELRIG

Venue: Darmstadtium
Schloßgraben 1
Daemstadt, 64283 Germany

Event Details:

Event Date: 2018-03-08 To 2018-03-08

Organiser: ELRIG

Website: https://www.elrig.de/index.php/elrig-foren/elrig-forum-2018