Innovation and New Trends in Safety and Toxicology B4B-Connection

Buzz4bio finally brings to TOX scientists all the tools to work together, tools that will generate projects, ideas, collaborations, problem solving, agreements, dynamism and even an annual watch on the subject. The B4B-Connection is no longer just an event but part of a process of interaction in total immersion between the actors of our events that combines the power of an annual meeting face to the multiplication made possible by collaborative tools entirely dedicated to the operational interconnection of each other.


Start: 2018-05-23

End: 2018-05-24


Organizer: Buzz4Bio

Venue: Les Terraces du Parc
115 Boulevard de Stalingrad
Villeurbanne, 69100 France

Event Details:

Event Date: 2018-05-23 To 2018-05-24

Organiser: Buzz4Bio