The workshop, co-organised by the NC3Rs, SPS and Coventry University, aims to bring together researchers from academia, SMEs and the pharmaceutical industry to discuss how best to support and enable the use of human tissues in safety testing. The one-day workshop will be held in Coventry, UK on Wednesday 03 May 2017. The overall aims of the workshop are to:

  • Highlight scientific advances, model development and process changes since the NC3Rs/MHRA workshop on 'Human tissue in safety pharmacology' in 2014
  • Discuss the predictive value of these in vitro approaches as alternatives to animal models and integration into current and future testing strategies
  • Enrich the scientific education experience among scientists and students working in the field or related fields, and highlight benefits of SPS membership.

The workshop is part of a wider NC3Rs initiative to improve the predictive capacity and relevance of research models to human safety testing, and to implement human tissue as a replacement for animal models.


Start: 2017-05-03

End: 2017-05-03