The Neuro4D Conference

This is an international conference on NeuroDegenerative Disease Drug Discovery bringing together innovators, drug discovery companies and service providers in the feld of proteopathic neurodegenerative diseases, such as Alzheimer’s dementia and Parkinson’s disease etc. Outdated concepts have led to largely unsuccessful drug development programs despite high investment, consequentially resulting in the loss of tens of billions of Euros worldwide. However, disease mechanisms have seen paradigm changes in recent years and evolving insights have given rise to improved drug discovery strategies and better disease models. New approaches hold the promise of stopping disease progression.

The conference concepts include presentations by distinguished academic speakers, summarizing state of the art understanding of neurodegenerative disease and giving new insights into the mechanisms of progressive neurodegeneration and new target opportunities. Biotech and international pharmaceutical drug discovery companies will present their efforts to develop new therapeutic options for these diseases and outline the models and technologies used in compound selection. Service companies will present their technology platforms and disease models and show examples how their services contribute to the drug discovery efforts of their clients.


Start: 2018-06-04

End: 2018-06-05


Organizer: BioExpert

Venue: Favorite Parkhotel
Karl-Weiser-Straße 1
Mainz, 55131 Germany