MyCell Custom Services

Access to Diverse Human Biology

FCDI’s mission is to provide access to biologically relevant and predictive human biology. As part of this commitment, we have leveraged our expertise in industrial-scale human iPS cell reprogramming, genetic engineering, and differentiation to build the MyCell® Products portfolio.

MyCell Products (including iPS cells and terminally differentiated cells) are manufactured from human donor samples provided or specified by the customer. Researchers can have iPS cells genetically engineered to contain the genotype of interest. Terminally differentiated MyCell Products enable disease modeling, drug screening, toxicity testing, regenerative medicine, and tissue engineering applications. Benefits include:

  • Wide choice of deliverables
  • Non-invasive, small volume donor sample required
  • Samples reprogrammed via footprint-free, episomal method
  • All source iPS cells for differentiation are rigorously quality controlled
  • All iPS cells are produced and expanded in feeder-free, defined media conditions
  • Proven iPS cell genetic engineering capabilities
  • >85% purity for differentiated cell types

The MyCell Process
Samples of either peripheral blood or skin samples are received from the customer, typically as PBMC isolates from blood. These cells are reprogrammed using a footprint-free episomal method to produce an expandable population of iPS cells. Genetic engineering can be included in the project scope to produce your desired genotype. The iPS cells are then differentiated into a range of terminally differentiated cell types.

Fully Customizable iPS Cell Products

With nearly 800 person-years of experience working with human stem cells, CDI has core competencies in every step of the iPS cell workflow. Scientists can harness this expertise to conduct custom MyCell Products projects that are best suited to your research needs. Project deliverables are available at the conclusion of any of these phases:

  • iPS cell reprogramming – Non-integrating “footprint-free” episomal reprogramming performed using defined media and feeder-free conditions
  • iPS cell genetic engineering – Choose from various genetic engineering technologies, ranging from SNP alterations to insertion of fluorescent reporters, to create the genotype of interest
  • iPS cell differentiation – Differentiated terminal cell types produced from iPS cells created for you by CDI, from one of CDI’s stock iPS cell lines, or from one of your iPS cell lines

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