Highlights of 2015 in iCell® Cardiomyocytes Publications

A Banner Year for Publications

2015 brought an accelerated pace of peer-reviewed publications where iCell®  Cardiomyocytes played a central role across a broad range of application areas including:

  • Basic cardiomyocyte characterization
  • Complex culture methods inducing 3D spheroid and ECM scaffold methods
  • Non-invasive, label-free interrogation of cardiomyocyte activity with multiple endpoints
  • Phenotypic screening, disease modeling,  and other drug discovery applications
  • Food additive testing, general cardiotoxicity, gene modulation of cardiotoxic compounds, and surveys of compounds and compound libraries
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See the list of publications in the table below and download the technical overview of the publications for more information on the exciting developments incorporating iCell Cardiomyocytes during 2015.

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