July 2021

FCDI Notebook July 2021Issue highlights:

  • News:
    • FUJIFILM Cellular Dynamics Launches iCell® Microglia Alzheimer's Disease Panel
    • Announcing the Launch of iCell Motor Neurons TDP43 New Models for ALS and Frontotemporal Dementia
  •  Events:
    • Alzheimer's Association International Conference 2021: Talk with us In-Person! Come to our booth #2513 at AAIC in Denver
    • ISSCR2 2021: See the Poster- Microfluidic High-Throughput Screening Platform to Screen Pre-Clinical Stage Compound Effects on Neurite Outgrowth of Human Motor Neurons Post-Injury
  • Publications:
    • Design of Synthetic Promoters for Controlled Expression of Therapeutic Genes in Retinal Pigment Epithelial Cells
    • Improving Reliability and Reducing Costs of Cardiotoxicity Assessments Using Laser-Induced Cell Poration on Microelectrode Arrays
  • Applications:
    • Measuring Cardiac Contractility with FLEXcyte 96 System
    • Measuring Neural Network Activity on MEA: Co-Culture of iCell GlutaNeurons with iCell Astrocytes