October 2021

Issue highlights:

  • News
    • Introducing Serum-Free Media for Culturing and Assaying iCell® Cardiomyocytes and iCell Cardiomyocytes2
  •  Events:
    • 2021 Nanion User Meeting On Demand
    • StemBioSys and Cartox to Present a 3-Part Webinar Series: iPSC Cardiomyocytes vs. Primary Adult Cardiomyocytes, Cell Derived Substrates, and Analysis
    • Watch FCDI Present on iPSC-based Therapies and CDMO Services at the Meeting on the Mesa
  • Publications:
    • An Extensive Metabolomics Workflow to Discover Cardiotoxin-Induced Molecular Perturbations in Microtissues
    • Human Microglia States are Conserved Across Experimental Models and Regulate Neural Stem Cell Responses in Chimeric Organoids