September 2021

FCDI Notebook September 2021Issue highlights:

  • Events:
    • WEBINAR: Cardiac Proarrhythmic Risk Assessment Using Human-Induced Pluripotent Stem Cell-Derived Cardiomyocytes - Register Now!
    • Safety Pharmacology Society 2021 Annual Meeting
    • Cell & Gene Meeting on the Mesa
  • Publications:
    • A Multiscale Approach for Bridging the Gap Between Potency, Efficacy, and Safety of Small Molecules Directed at Membrane Proteins
    • Secreted Retrovirus-Like GAG-Domain-Containing Protein PEG10 is Regulated by UBE3A and is Involved in Angelman Syndrome Pathophysiology
    • Restoring Lost Nigrostriatal Fibers in Parkinson's Disease Based on Clinically-Inspired Design Criteria
    • Improved Modeling of Human AD with an Automated Culturing Platform for iPSC Neurons, Astrocytes and Microglia