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DopaNeurons differentiated from human iPS cells, frozen

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Product Overview

iCell® DopaNeurons are iPS cell-derived human midbrain floorplate dopaminergic neurons, differentiated in protocols licensed and adapted from the Lorenz Studer lab (Memorial Sloan Kettering) and industrialized for scale at FCDI.

Best-in-Class Biology

iCell DopaNeurons exhibit the relevant biology and functionality to advance research and preclinical studies for devastating neurological disorders:

  • Fully differentiated, >70% pure midbrain dopaminergic neurons
  • Expression of relevant midbrain dopaminergic neuron markers (e.g. Lmx1, FoxA2, and TH)
  • Functional release and uptake of DA
  • Appropriate electrophysiology and pacemaker-like activity:
    • Spontaneous and evoked action potentials
    • Excitatory post-synaptic currents
    • Sodium ion and potassium ion channel currents
  • Compatible with a wide range of biochemical and cell-based assays:
    • Cell viability
    • Cell mitophagy
    • Calcium signaling
    • Neurite outgrowth and retraction

For Parkinson’s disease modeling, please also see the isogenic iCell DopaNeurons PD SNCA A53T


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Need Help With This Product?

Our specialists are here to help you find the best product for your application.

Our regular business hours are 9:00am to 5:00pm Central Time (USA)

Performance Data

Relevant Neuronal Markers and High Purity

(A) Immunostaining shows the expression of characteristic neuron marker MAP2 and midbrain dopaminergic neuron markers FoxA2 and TH with the absence of the progenitor marker nestin. (B) Flow cytometry measurements demonstrate a highly pure population of fully differentiated neurons (MAP2pos/nestinneg) with a midbrain dopaminergic specificity (FoxA2pos/THpos).

Figure 1: iCell DopaNeurons Provide Relevant Biology

Figure 2: iCell DopaNeurons Develop Synchronous Network Activity over Time

Synchronous Network Activity of Cultured iCell DopaNeurons

iCell DopaNeurons Develop Synchronous Network Activity over Time iCell DopaNeurons cultured in complete BrainPhys medium exhibit high levels of neuronal activity as soon as day 2 post-plating and routinely incorporate ≥12 of 16 active electrodes/well of the MEA plate. Importantly, these cells display network-wide bursts in each well with optimal synchronous neuronal activity observed from day 18 post-plating. (A) As shown in the raster plots, where the white lines indicate spikes or neuronal action potentials, Poisson channel bursting is observed during the first week post-plating (day 6) as indicated by the red tick marks. This bursting rate (bursts per minute, bpm) increases over time (day 14), and eventually the neuronal activity develops into a synchronized network that organizes the entire culture (day 20). The purple boxes around the organized spikes in each raster plot denote inter-spike interval (ISI) network bursts captured by the AxIS Software. The network bursting percentage is defined as the number of spikes that fall within the purple box divided by the total number of tick marks measured during the recording. The higher this percentage is, the more synchronous the neuronal culture is considered to be. (B) The graphs represent mean and SEM values calculated on days 6, 14, and 20 postplating.

Product Highlights

Easy to implement

iCell DopaNeurons are shipped cryopreserved with optimized media. Simply thaw and use.

Human cells

iCell DopaNeurons are floor plate-derived dopaminergic neurons from human iPS cells ensuring complete regional specification for full functionality.

Highly pure

 iCell DopaNeurons are >80% tyrosine hydroxylase positive (THpos) midbrain dopaminergic neurons, enabling mechanistic studies of neurodegenerative diseases.

Homogenous and reproducible

 iCell DopaNeurons are fully differentiated neurons, not precursors, providing biologically relevant and reproducible results.