What plating density should I use for GABANeurons?

You can plate iCell® GABANeurons at various densities to accommodate different application needs. We recommend starting with 125,000 viable cells/cm2 for most cell-based assays. However, the optimal density of iCell GABANeurons per unit of surface area can be assay-dependent and should be determined empirically based on the intended use.

Culture Vessel Surface Area
Plating Volume
Cell Number
(1.25 x 105 cells/cm2)
6-well Cell Culture Plate 9.6 3 1,200 x 103
96-well Cell Culture Plate 0.32 0.2 40 x 103
384-well Cell Culture Plate 0.06 0.04 7.5 x 103
1536-well Cell Culture Plate 0.025 0.005 3 x 103
All volumes and measures are per well.


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