Are there other ECMs beside gelatin that I can use for plating iCell Cardiomyocytes?

While our standard recommendation for plating iCell® Cardiomyocytes is to use 0.1% gelatin (see solution 00000082A), we have tested other common ECMs, including fibronectin and collagen, (with reconstituted powder or pre-coated plate options), Geltrex® Matrix, and Matrigel® Matrix. ECM may be application dependent. For example, for our cardiac hypertrophy assays we recommend fibronectin (see solution 00000050B), because gelatin has been shown to bindendothelin-1 and interfere with the hypertrophic response (see solution 00000050A), and for applications using glass coverslips (e.g., manual patch clamp or immunofluorescence) we recommended fibronectin.

For more details about assay-specific recommendations, refer to our Applications Protocols.


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