Which calcium dyes have been used successfully with your cardiomyocytes?

For measuring calcium flux in iCell® Cardiomyocytes, see our Application Protocol using the FLIPR Tetra High-Throughput Screening System (Molecular Devices). In this protocol, we recommend using the fluorescent EarlyTox Cardiotoxicity Dye in the EarlyTox Cardiotoxicity Kit (Molecular Devices). We have also successfully tested several other dyes including:

  • Calcium 5, Calcium 6 (Molecular Devices)
  • Fluo-4, Fluo-8 (Thermo Fisher Scientific)
  • Act One (Codex)
  • Cal-520

For more information about additional optical techniques used to monitor these cells, see solution 00000316A.


  1. Application Protocol: Measuring Cardiac Activity: Intracellular Calcium Flux Detection on the FLIPR Tetra System