What is percentage of ventricular, atrial, and nodal cells in the iCell Cardiomyocytes population?

The methods and classification systems used to evaluate the proportion of cardiac subtypes (ventricular, atrial, nodal) in iCell® Cardiomyocytes can vary. Methods for characterization of cardiomyocyte subtypes primarily include electrophysiology and marker expression, which depends on the target marker and detection antibodies. Ma et al (2011) assessed the population as ~50% ventricular cells, ~25% nodal cells, and ~25% atrial cells using electrophysiological methods. Using our ICC Application Protocol with the ventricular-specific MLC2V marker we typically saw 50 - 75% MLC2V positive cells at day 14 post-thaw. Taking both methods into consideration, the majority of the iCell Cardiomyocytes population is ventricular (50 - 80%, depending on classification criteria) and the remainder is split fairly evenly between nodal and atrial subtypes (10 – 25% of each).

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