Do cardiomyocyte media contain antibiotics or antimitotics? Can I add antibiotics to these media and will the addition affect my assays?

No, iCell® Cardiomyocytes Plating and Maintenance Medium used with iCell Cardiomyocytes and iCell Cardiomyocytes2 are antibiotic- and antimitotic-free. Yes, you can add antibiotics to your culture as a preventative measure against inadvertent bacterial contamination. For certain applications (MEA, Seahorse, others) we have added 25 µg/ml gentamicin (ThermoFisher Scientific, Cat. No. 15750-060) as early as day 2 post-thaw to iCell Cardiomyocytes when switching from Plating Medium to Maintenance Medium. Alternatively, iCell Cardiomyocytes will tolerate 1X penicillin-streptomycin (ThermoFisher Scientific, Cat. No. 15140122). For iCell Cardiomyocytes2, you can add an antibiotic when switching to Maintenance Medium 4 hours post thaw. While we have not performed thorough assessments of functional impacts of these antibiotics on the cells, we have qualitatively observed no significant impact.


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