What is included with each unit of iCell DopaNeurons? How do I handle and store the cells and media?

iCell® DopaNeurons (Cat. No. DNC-301-030-001) are floor plate-derived midbrain dopaminergic neurons generated from human induced pluripotent stem (iPS) cells. iCell DopaNeurons possess typical physiological and functional characteristics of mature neurons. These cells provide access to commercial quantities of high quality, highly pure human midbrain dopaminergic neurons for preclinical drug discovery, predictive disease modeling, and basic cellular research. Purity is guaranteed to be greater than 90% midbrain neurons (FoxA2(+) / LMX1(+)) in a greater than 80% dopaminergic phenotype.

Each unit of iCell DopaNeurons contains greater than 5 million viable cells per vial (~3.3 million platable neurons), enough for approximately one 96-well plate when seeded at the recommended density. Each kit comes with the necessary medium components to thaw and maintain the cells in culture for at least two weeks using a Complete iCell DopaNeurons Maintenance Medium that consists of iCell DopaNeurons Maintenance Medium (100 ml), iCell DopaNeurons Medium Supplement (2 ml), and iCell Nervous System Supplement (1 ml). Additional iCell DopaNeurons Maintenance Medium can be ordered separately. For more information about preparing the Complete Medium, see Soltution 00000177B.

Both the iCell DopaNeurons and media are stable and warranted for 1 year from date of shipment. Upon receipt, directly transfer the iCell DopaNeurons to the vapor phase of a liquid nitrogen storage dewar. iCell DopaNeurons Maintenance Medium is shipped at ambient temperature while iCell DopaNeurons Medium Supplement and iCell Nervous System Supplement are shipped frozen on dry ice. Upon receipt, store iCell DopaNeurons Maintenance Medium at 4°C and iCell DopaNeurons Medium Supplement and iCell Nervous System Supplement at –20°C until ready for use.


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