What coverslips do you recommend for manual patch or imaging of iCell DopaNeurons?

We have routinely used 12 mm (precoated) or 15 mm glass and plastic coverslips as a surface for our iCell® DopaNeurons for manual patch. Although the cells will plate onto both glass and plastic surfaces after coating with the recommended ECM, cells are generally less healthy over time on glass coverslips than on traditional tissue–culture treated plastic. To overcome plating issues, follow our recommended coating and density recommendations shown below.

General Protocol Recommendations:

  • Manual patch: Seed at higher density to better manage cell attrition over time. We routinely use 2 million cells per well in a 12 well plate and insert a sterile 15 mm glass coverslip into the well.
  • Imaging / Neurite outgrowth: Seed at the lower end of the recommended density range and monitor within two weeks post-plating.
  • Long culture (longer than 2 weeks): We recommend seeding at a higher density for longer cultures.