How do the iCell Cardiomyocytes2 and iCell Cardiomyoctes compare under Axion Maestro MEA analysis?

We have performed extensive validation studies comparing iCell® Cardiomyocytes and iCell Cardiomyocytes2 for Axion Maestro MEA analysis. Our studies under identical experimental conditions revealed that both products display robust baseline properties and comparable responses to pharmacological perturbation, including appropriate response to ion channel modulation. This direct assessment suggests that iCell Cardiomyocytes2 have similar MEA properties to those of iCell Cardiomyocytes.

The primary difference between these versions of cardiomyocytes is the day when the cells are ready to assay and record measurements. The first version, iCell Cardiomyocytes, are ready on day 14 post-thaw; the second version, iCell Cardiomyocytes2, are ready as early as day 4 (when using our 4 day workflow) or day 7 (when using our 7 day workflow) post-thaw according to our Application Protocol.

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For more information about the characteristics and features of these two cell versions, see solution 00000282A.


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