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Product Name Catalog Numbers
iCell DopaNeurons, 01279 C1028, C1087, R1032, R1088, R1108
iCell GABANeurons (APOE 2/2), 01434 C1176
iCell GABANeurons (APOE 4/4), 01434 C1175
iCell GABANeurons (CACNA1C G490R), 01434 C1179
iCell GABANeurons, 01279 C1008, R1011
iCell GlutaNeurons, 01279 C1033, C1060, R1034, R1061, R1116
iCell Hepatoblasts, 01434 C1040, R1095
iCell Hepatocytes 2.0, 01279 C1023, C1090, R1025, R1104
iCell Hepatocytes 2.0, 01434 C1026, R1027
iCell Hepatocytes, 01434 C1035 , R1090
iCell Macrophages, 01279 C1044, R1099
iCell Motor Neurons (TDP43 M337V), 01279 C1162
iCell Motor Neurons (TDP43 Q331K), 01279 C1161
MyCell Cardiomyocytes Corrected DCM (L35P), 01016 C1165, R1154
MyCell Cardiomyocytes Corrected HCM (cR403Q), 01178 C1119
iCell DopaNeurons (SNCA A53T, HZ), 01279 C1112, C1113, R1109, R1110, R1111