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iForum™ 2021: See the Full Agenda and Register Now!

It's not too late to register for iForum 2021! Join us for two half-day sessions with the leading innovators in human iPSC - derived cell applications in neural and cardiac discovery, disease modeling and tox. See the full list of speakers and talk titles and register today!

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FCDI Presenting Two Posters at the SOT 2021 Annual Meeting

See the titles and session information for two poster presentations from FCDI at the upcoming SOT 2021 Virtual Event.

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FUJIFILM Cellular Dynamics
FUJIFILM Cellular Dynamics

Analysis of Reproducibility and Robustness of a Human Microfluidic Four-Cell Liver Acinus Microphysiology System (LAMPS)

Sakolish C, Reese CE, Luo YS, Valdiviezo A, Schurdak ME, Gough A, Taylor DL, Chiu WA, Vernetti LA, Rusyn I. Toxicology. 2021 Jan 30;448:152651. Epub 2020 Dec 8.

See how our iCell® Hepatocytes 2.0 and primary hepatocytes maintained sustained, reproducible and similar liver functionality when cultued in a human microfluidic four-cell liver acinus microphysiology system (LAMPS).

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A 3D Microfluidic Liver Model for High Throughput Compound Toxicity Screening in the OrganoPlate®

Bircsak KM, DeBiasio R, Miedel M, Alsebahi A, Reddinger R, Saleh A, Shun T, Vernetti LA, Gough A. Toxicology. 2021 Jan 6;450:152667. Epub ahead of print.

Find out how a 3D microfluidic liver model enhances the functionality of iCell Hepatocytes 2.0 and makes them well-suited for high-throughput compound toxicity screening assays.

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FUJIFILM Cellular Dynamics

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