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Sana Biotechnology

FUJIFILM Cellular Dynamics and Sana Biotechnology Announce License Agreement for the Development of iPSC-Derived Cell Therapies

FCDI and Sana Biotechnology, Inc. announced that Sana has been granted a non-exclusive right to use FUJIFILM Cellular Dynamics' iPSC platform for the development of commercial cell therapies. Under that license, FCDI will manufacture and provide research-grade and GMP-grade iPSC lines to Sana to advance their cell therapies programs.

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Fujifilm Invests in a Biotech Venture: CUORiPS

FUJIFILM Corporation announced an investment of 100 million yen in CUORiPS Inc. for developing and commercializing an iPSC-based treatment for heart failure. Fujifilm plans to use the therapeutic cGMP-compliant iPSC manufacturing facility of FUJIFILM Cellular Dynamics, Inc. to expand the contract development and manufacturing of the therapeutic.

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Cuorips, Inc

AXXAM Bootcamp Webinar:
Riding the Calcium Wave on iCell GlutaNeurons During HTS

Join our valued partner AXXAM for their webinar exploring the use of human iPSC-derived iCell GlutaNeurons for high-throughput screening campaigns. Data from a pilot screen using the LOPAC® 1280 library will be presented.

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AXXAM Bootcamp

hiPSC-Derived Neurons Provide a Robust and Physiologically Relevant In Vitro Platform to Test Botulinum Neurotoxins

Lamotte, J. D., Roqueviere, S., Gautier, H., Raban, E., Bouré, C., Fonfria, E., Krupp, J., & Nicoleau, C. (2021). Frontiers in pharmacology, 11, 617867.

See how our iCell® Motor Neurons can be successfully used for pharmaceutical BoNT testing and development.

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Frotiers in PHarmacology

Food & Chemical Toxicology

Relationships Between Constituents of Energy Drinks and Beating Parameters in Human Induced Pluripotent Stem Cell (iPSC)-Derived Cardiomyocytes

Luo YS, Chen Z, Blanchette AD, Zhou YH, Wright FA, Baker ES, Chiu WA, Rusyn I. (2021) Food Chem Toxicol. 149: 111979.

See the effects of commonly used energy drink ingredients on iPSC-derived cardiomyocytes indicating alterations in beat rate, QT prolongation and cardiotoxicity.

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High-Content Analysis and Kinetic Image Cytometry Identify Toxic and Epigenotoxic Effects of HIV Antiretrovirals on Human iPSC-Neurons and Primary Neural Precursor Cells

Alyson S. Smith, Soneela Ankam, et al. bioRxiv 2020.09.05.284422;

This study demonstrates the impact of HIV antiretroviral compounds on the viability, structure and function of glutamatergic neurons. Neurotoxic effects were by decreased calcium transients demonstrated in hiPSC-derived neurons.

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bioRxiv - The Preprint Server for Biology

Tissue Engineering Journal Part A

Assessing the Angiogenic Efficacy of Pleiotrophin Released from Injectable Heparin-Alginate Gels

Rountree I, Polucha C, Coulombe KLK, Munarin F. Tissue Eng Part A. 2021 Feb 22.

This paper describes development of an in vitro model and testing of the angiogenesis effects of a pleiotrophin (PTN) hydrogel using hiPSC-derived endothelial cells. The results indicate that PTN stimulates endothelial cell morphogenesis in vitro, promoting the formation of structures similar to the healthy granulation tissue, which is an indicator of healing in ischemic wounds.

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